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Smart Investment

News for 06.08.15
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A less sophisticated investor might think that a successful real estate investment is simply based on the numbers. But as president of Pacific Union Holdings, Jeff Abramson knows thereal key to a good investment — the people. Working with a partnership he can trust, he says, is the ultimate return.

Based on his sound people-centered philosophy, Jeff had enough experience with the Branagh name to understand the benefits of partnering with them. In the past, he had sold the company property, used them as builders, mentored some of the staff, and even started a joint venture company with them. With neighboring offices on School Street, he saw firsthand how they worked, ran the business, and contributed to the community. So when Branagh Development approached Abramson to become an investor on a rental property fund focused on east Contra Costa County, Jeff didn’t hesitate. He implicitly trusted them to be honest, confident, hardworking and do the best job that they could.

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