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Many of our investors are clients who have built a home with us, and have seen first-hand the level of care, passion, and pride we put into our projects. By investing together, we “put our money where our mouth is” on projects we care deeply about, devoting time and resources for their success. With a well-earned reputation in the community for integrity, communication, and high quality, our investors have the upmost confidence that we have their very best interests in mind.

The Branagh name is synonymous with integrity, honesty, trust, and experience. That’s why people choose to invest with us. With experience in so many areas of development, including commercial, single family, custom homes, and apartments, we are on the front lines. We see the trends and opportunities in the market — and expertly target what current investors want. Whether it’s the pride of owning the best-looking building in the neighborhood or the satisfaction of creating a place where people come together in the community, our investors trust us to make the smartest and most thoughtful decisions on their behalf. Some developers and builders have projects across the country, never really understanding the impact of the project on a community. Our investments are guided by geography. As a family business with strong East Bay roots, we invest in the neighborhoods where we live and sleep. We are members of the community with longstanding relationships with many of our investors. We know your families, and run into each other on our streets. This personal touch extends to our communication; while investors receive quarterly reports, we encourage you to pick up the phone and call at any time.